Zhao Ma's research uncovers what ordinary Chinese citizens in Beijing thought about the Resist America Aid Korea Movement — known here as the Korean War. The Yalu River Bridge connects China and North Korea but also highlights their extreme differences.
“Great Black Music — Ancient to the Future” finds a new disciple in Steinbeck, an assistant professor of music. "Human Ties" catches up with him to discuss his work-in-progress on the jazz phenomenon.

What's it like to be a Graduate Student Fellow at the Center for the Humanities? The members of our fall 2014 cohort open up about the work they accomplished, the center environment and the fellowship's unexpected benefits (hint: everyone likes the occasional free lunch).

By Tabea Linhard
As faculty across the country await the announcement of NEH Faculty Fellowship awards, Linhard recounts her path to finally (after 12 tries) winning an ACLS fellowship, which she will spend in Berlin and Mexico City.


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