Photo of Sara Ahmed standing in front of a bookshelf lined with books.
In this introduction to the work of feminist scholar Sara Ahmed (speaker for the McLeod Lecture on Higher Education), Amber Jamilla Musser highlights the abiding theme of Ahmed’s writing: “making sense of what doesn’t make sense.”
Blue-robed oarsman carry long paddles that together depict a Ming-era sailing ship, portraying the legend of explorer Zheng He.
During the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, scholar Lingchei Letty Chen watched as the country dramatized its past glories, such as the Ming-era seafaring voyages of Zheng He. But absent from the pageantry was an impactful and much more recent era, Chen says.
Photo of the unsettling gaze of Frankenstein's monster as portrayed by actor Boris Karloff.
Henry Schvey delves into the ongoing cultural relevancy of the Frankenstein mythos, finding new and richer meanings in the two centuries since its publication. At its heart, Schvey says, the Frankenstein story reflects the unresolved anxiety between creator and creation.

Photo of St. Louis Place, cars lining a road and a prominent sign reads: "They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks... Nor shall they train for war" which is a Bible verse from the second chapter of Isaiah, verse 4.
What happens to people displaced from their neighborhoods by eminent domain? While residents of St. Louis Place in north St. Louis fought to keep their homes, the city offered up their land for a new development project. This has happened before, says historian Margaret Garb.


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