Spanish literature scholar Stephanie Kirk introduces us to the cloistered women of Jesús María, featured in Sigüenza y Góngora’s Parayso Occidental [Western Paradise, 1684]. When Kirk’s translation is complete, tales of illegitimate royals and indigenous “Vestal Virgins” will enthrall scholars of many disciplines.
Archivists, scholars, students and silent-film enthusiasts alike gather annually at the Pordenone Giornate del Cinema Muto to view rarely screened and newly restored films and to listen to their musical accompaniments, as was practiced in the silent-film era. Film scholar Diane Lewis gives us a glimpse of the festival, which she attended in early October.

Molière's 1666 play The Misanthrope satirizes French aristocratic society, but its exploration of human flaws poses a more timeless question. Director Pannill Camp writes about his 21st-century production of the play, updated with the help of undergraduates Lindsay Eisold and Chloe Karmin.

Music scholar Todd Decker finds the thread that ties Matt Damon's The Martian (2015) to the "leave no man behind" genre of war movies, much like Damon's Saving Private Ryan (1998). This time, however, music directs the audience away from the military resonances. Indeed, he says, disco saves the day.


December 1, 2015

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December 4, 2015

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