Weil Fellows Samuel Shearer and Terrance Wooten engage in conversation in their new academic home at the Center for the Humanities.
Samuel Shearer (left) and Terrance Wooten (right) joined the Center for the Humanities in fall 2017 as Weil Fellows. The Mark Steinberg Weil Early Career Fellowship supports scholars in the urban and public humanities.

Scholar Jonathan Fenderson uncovers the life story of the activist-editor of the most important monthly print platform for African-American intellectual culture in the 1960s–70s, Hoyt Fuller.

Maxwell Smart, bumbling fictional spy of the 1960s tv show Get Smart, hold up his thumb and forefinger and says his catchphrase: "I missed it by that much."
When a person makes a mistake in logical reasoning, does it matter how close they come to the mark or is wrong just wrong? Philosopher Julia Staffel investigates the differences between slightly and highly irrational thinkers.

In her eponymous television show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is a college drop-out who couldn't find her place on campus. So, why do scholars find the series so thought provoking? Why is "Buffy studies" a thing? Wendy Love Anderson unpacks the common ideals behind the show and academia.


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