By Benjamin Meiners
English graduate student Benjamin Meiners interviews literary scholar Priscilla Wald about her study of cultural narratives about contagious disease. Wald joins an interdisciplinary panel, "Contagion and Culture: A Conversation about Ebola," on March 4.

By William Bubelis
Scholars find a treasure-trove of information in historical coins, finding clues about a society's culture, history, government, metallurgy and economics. Bubelis surveys coins through the ages and plugs the Newman Numismatic Portal, which will initially focus on U.S. coins and currency.
By Marisa Bass
Andreas Vesalius: 16th-century anatomist, author, court physician to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. A joint WUSTL–SLU symposium celebrates his legacy with lectures, workshops and a viewing of Vesalius' groundbreaking On the Fabric of the Human Body.
By Brian Carpenter
An expert in dementia research and care, Carpenter shares his critical view of Still Alice, a film portraying one woman's frightening struggle with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. The prevalence of Alzheimer's is expected to triple by 2050, affecting 16 million people.